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What have been stipulating gold prices in recent decades?

What have been stipulating gold prices in recent decades?

Gold trading in the global market is considered one of the best types of trade. Yellow metal remains at the top of precious metals, for instance one troy ounce of gold now 70 times more expensive than silver.


Financial experts always state in their forecasts how changeable is gold market, and therefore, it is nearly impossible to forecast the movement of prices with one hundred percent reliability. Experts now expect a new stage of development by the end of 2015. The factors which bring about changes in the gold market include those of geopolitical situation, and global crisis.


If one looks at the changes which occurred in the world of gold years before, it becomes noticeable that between 2010 and 2013 gold price grew by double, exactly 61%. During the last 45 years, every year May becomes the second most profitable month. For instance, in May 2010, due to Greece's financial difficulties, the troy ounce grew by 11%. Earlier, in May 1973, when the US canceled the gold standard and the world faced an energy crisis, gold prices soared.


If one looks at the chart recently published by the news portal King World News, which shows changes in gold prices since 2012 up to the present, one will see that gold prices reached their bottom in September 2012 while the maximum peaks were the summer of 2013 and the winter of 2014. In general, according to the chart, the tendency is quite positive, which gives gold investors grounds for receiving returns from their investments in gold.


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